About Walter Fletcher

Dr. Walter Fletcher has been involved in ministry for over 33 years. He is recognized as a spiritual father, serving leaders, congregations and regions advancing the kingdom of God. He is the author of Recovering the Soul (Amazon.com) He is also a contributing author to The Revival Study Bible (Published by Armour Publications/Out September 2010). Walter is also sought by Marketplace & Business leaders involved in Kingdom businesses . He along with His wife, Deede, travel in many parts of the world serving the Body of Christ to see healing, reconciliation, regional transformation among a new generation of followers of Jesus Christ.

For more information please contact: walterfletcherjr@gmail.com



  Jeannette Crosby wrote @

Walter I Praise God and give Him all the Glory for your wisdom to help me and others hear the Father very clearly. I know you put in the hours of Prayers and Study to help give us (Gods children) revelation and understanding.
The Blog is outstanding in my opinion.
Thank You for your time and study.

  Donna Kay wrote @

Hi Walter!

It’s Donna Kay, singer and speaker… Hope you are doing wonderful!

I am contacting you because I had an idea. I moved to Los Angeles nine months ago and left $18,000 worth of music CDs in Dallas. I am not going to move them up here and was led to donate my CDs to you and Deede. I think there are about 1700 CDs left that many people can be encouraged by and I felt you could raise money for your church and ministries.

I don’t know if you want these but I was led to contact you.

How are you? What is new?

Look forward to hearing from you… All the best!

Donna Kay

  walterfletcher wrote @

Wow! Thanks for thinking of us.
Deede is out of town until next week. I’ll follow up with you when she returns.
Shabbat Shalom!

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