In Judges 6, Gideon is called by God to lead his people into battle against the enemy. He understands that this cannot be done in his own strength or self-reliance. He seeks  reassurance that this is in fact the “Angel of the LORD”. He brings back an offering, placing it upon a rock.   The Angel of the LORD touches the offering with His staff and it immediately is consumed! In place of this all-consuming fire,
Gideon receives a revelation of this Angel, “JAH-Shalom”; The LORD IS PEACE.  For all his fears, doubts and misgivings as to his qualifications for the daunting task of leading his people into battle he is given the peace of God as his assurance. We,too, must be assured (as do all who are called of God) that as someone said, “God doesn’t call the qualified rather He qualifies the called.” Our assurance as the apostle Paul will later declare, is that “The God of Peace will Himself crush Satan under your feet.”(Romans 16:20). “The battle is the LORD’S”. And when we show up, presenting ourselves to Him, the victory is half-won! With this, the psalmist agrees, “Through our God we shall do valiantly. It is He that shall trample down our enemies”.

Seeing God in a new light allows us (like Gideon) to see ourselves in a new light. Gideon, timidly, steps out in obedience to God’s call, overthrowing the altar of the false Baal god. His act of defiance against the enemy,creates a “chain reaction” in the realm of the Spirit. His father(and family) are the first to be freed from the spirit of stupor and oppression of Baal worship. His father declares, that if Baal can’t defend himself…he must not be worthy of our fear, nor our worship.  His family realizes the pure logic of this statement. Gideon is given a new name, “Jerubbaal, He who contends with Baal”. And he is repositioned to a new place of recognition and honor among his family. He, who considered himself the “least among the family”(in his own eyes), is promoted as head of his tribe.                                  

God loves taking the “zeros” in life and making them “heroes in life”. The Word is true for those who are in Christ Jesus, “We are more than conquerors through Him who loves us”(Romans 8).
When you stop listening to the voices that seek to keep you in bondage and defeat and begin  to say only what your Heavenly Father says about you, the “true-self” revelation trumps and triumphs over ALL the power of your enemies.
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