“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. (Matthew 7:24 NIV)


The basis for solid neighborhoods is solid homes. The basis for solid homes is solid families. The basis for solid families is solid marriages. The basis for solid marriages is God.  With this vision a spiritual community should provide a safe environment, giving hope for healthy families as well as for homes needing “foundation” repair.  Coming together with like-minded Individuals of faith can often provide a healthy visionary model. Take Nehemiah for example.

Nehemiah was a man who agonized with a vision for his people to be rebuilt once again into a godly community. Recall that he held the position as the king’s trusted Cupbearer up until the time he received word of the condition of his people, in Jerusalem. ”The walls were broken down and the gates were burnt with fire”(Nehemiah 1).  

After much fasting and prayer, Nehemiah was given permission by the king to take some time off to restore the city of His people, Israel.


Once he arrived in the city, he went by night to survey the damage to the walls and gates. So too, repairing marriages can be quite similar. Until assessing the needs or locating the cause of a marriage breakdown…nothing changes. If not tended to, the problems only become worst. These “foundational cracks” may lead to the destruction of the whole marriage, usually because one party (or both) refuses to seek godly counsel and spiritual advice.  In times of trouble we should avail ourselves of biblical counsel and insight from those older and wiser than ourselves.  Find someone, like Nehemiah, who can help us see what we cannot see or most important…what does God want us to see? Many thoughts, ideas and advice may be somewhat helpful. But the ultimate arbitrator must be “wisdom and counsel that is from above”, which comes from God’s Word (James 3:17).


The unique privilege of a man and woman coming together to make a home is recognizing God’s design and value for marriage. In the recorded account of Genesis Chapter Two, we discover: That the man (Adam) was created from the dirt. And the woman (Eve) was fashioned from Adam’s rib, near his heart and the place of his affections. The LORD God knew that she which came from Adam’s side would stand by him in both the good times and the “bad weather of life”(Brennan Manning). Tough times in married life is not a time to bale out.  Rather they are often allowed by God as a time to help you as a couple both to “lean into” and “lean upon” one another, in order to get through (or Work through) the difficult and even frustrating situations. Thus making Adam and “his rib” support stronger…Side by side.


It requires humility to stay in the room and fight “together” against whatever is assaulting the marriage covenant until IT is disarmed and eliminated.  Please remember (Men), that (Adam) Man was first taken out of the dirt!  But  later, we observe that the Man was taken “out of” woman. Thus giving women their dignity and honor, pointing to our redemption (See Galatians 4:4-7).  The purpose of this order was to fulfill God’s promise to redeem mankind through woman (Genesis 3:15). This also would be a reminder to men not to “lord their headship” over their wife!  After all, if she is described as “The weaker vessel”(1 Peter 3:7).  It means (by implication) that makes him, ” The weak vessel”!  In humility, we must realize that BOTH are weak…the other is only the “weaker”.  This calls for mutual compassion and understanding as marriage partners.


“Therefore shall a man leave father & mother and be joined to his wife: and they two shall become one flesh”(Genesis 2:24).  This was a mystery the apostle Paul received regarding Christ and His Bride (Ephesians 5). The grand design of human marriage is a mere reflection of the most anticipated Wedding of history! (Revelation 19:7).

Christ will receive a Bride like unto Himself; holy, undefiled… spotless! She will not be inferior to her Lover. When Adam saw Eve he declared, “This is now bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh”(Genesis 2).  He recognized his wife, saying (In the Hebrew language) “Ishshah” meaning “woman”; acknowledging, “She IS what I am”.  With that revelation, he had what he had longed for.  With “she” who is part of “me”…I will build a solid home. Therefore, he understood, “What God has joined together no man was to pull apart.”

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