“All those led by God’s Spirit are God’s sons”. (Romans 8:14 HCSB)

The little squirrel climbed the Oak tree

And ran along the tree line. It took no notice

of how high up from the ground, scampering

from it’s network of limbs. It moved forward

with purpose and a certain destination in mind.

I saw it catch up with another squirrel. At first,

I thought they’d chase each other. But no.

The little squirrel kept moving forward’ with

the precision of a trained acrobat upon a wire.

It jumped and sprang across the forest which

was its playground and home.

Faith at times may seem, to some, to be kind of…

“squirrelly”. You hear a word from God that causes

the acrobatic “leap of faith” into the outstretched

arms of God. You know He is there to catch you

and carry you forward (As long as you don’t look

down or around, like Peter!). You can move safely

ahead in Him.

Like an acrobat you are trained to hear His voice

Saying, “Come!” and then…you follow the Spirit’s lead.

© Copyright 2012, Walter Fletcher, Jr.


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