Summer Reflections(Pt.1)


“Does the hawk take flight by your understanding and spread its wings to the south?”(Job 39:26 HCSB)

Majestic, it sat perched upon a limb, gazing upon me as I gazed up at it. Suddenly! It stirred, lifted its wings and vanished out of sight. It was a large Red-breasted hawk. Not quite the size as its majestic cousin, the eagle, but equally as agile and adept in the hunt in flight.

The sky is this bird’s native environment (as should be ours in Christ). How our heavenly Father longs for His children to “lift their wings and soar” into new heavenly territory. But alas! We too often are stunted in our growth and heavenly perspective; perched on a limb and held captive by earthly things. If only we would embrace our true nature and seek those things which are ours from above where Christ is seated. Then we would fly swiftly and effortlessly to vast regions beyond…we each are called to be majestic!

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