“Thus says the Lord: As the new wine is found in the cluster, and one says, Do not destroy it, For a blessing is in it, So will I do for My servants sake, That I may not destroy them all. “(Isaiah 65:8 NKJV)

We have been considering our theme for this month as to how God is “turning water into wine” in this hour. Mary, the mother of Jesus, led the way at the Wedding of Cana by re-positioning herself and becoming Mary, the disciple of Jesus. We further saw that the water does not become very good wine until it is poured out for others to “Taste and see that the LORD is good”. This means that only as our vessels have been filled up with “the water of His (Written)word” and transformed by His spoken word to us will the sweet new wine of His Life be experienced in fullness. Again, we tried to identify what can possibly be a hindrance to experiencing this fullness of His life in us now…a wrong worldview. We can look at life in such a way that we put off for tomorrow what God by His Spirit has made available to the believer today.


God in His sovereignty has reserved “the best wine” in these last days for His people. We are in a global shift in the area of God’s kingdom coming into view. What are some of the things we can anticipate by way of His transition?

1.From servants to sons. Religion that is entirely expressed by our human performance is giving way to a new understanding of our inheritance as true sons of the Kingdom. If we only see our relationship as “servants of God”, we will base all our expectation of rewards from God if we perform well for God. In a performance based relationship we tend to think that “If I am good enough…God will love and accept me, or reward me, and so forth”. Whereas, if I recognize that I have been accepted and loved by the Father “In the Beloved Son, Christ Jesus”.  I don’t earn His love…It is freely given. I serve God, without a desire to sin, out of love and gratitude for what God, through Jesus, has done for me.

2.From Christianity as a religious program, to disciples of the kingdom of heaven. We are not called to hold special weekend event services, where the Body of Christ are merely spectators, but not participatory. We are called to both be disciples of Jesus and make disciples of Jesus Christ. True religion is an engagement of a daily life witness. We are no longer attendees, but participants (Acts 2:42-43; Eph. 5:19; Col. 3:16). Which brings us to our next transitional perspective.

3. We are moving from the notion that “our buildings” are our point of worship to truly becoming “Households of faith”. e.g. “Households” or “Houses of faith” is the Language of family. In a household we can Grow Spiritually, Relationally and Numerically. In the book of Acts the Church was birthed and related both “publicly and from house to house”. We read of many examples in the scriptures: Priscilla and Aquila (1 Cor. 16:9); Lydia,”seller of purple”(Acts 16:14-15); Philippian Jailer & household (Acts 16:27-34); Cornelius& his household (Acts 10) to name a few. We believe this is where the true fellowship and discipling took place. They were growing so rapidly, the shear numbers would have hindered the spiritual growth of the Body of Messiah (Christ). But homes were the natural setting where spiritual community could grow,develop and hold one another mutually accountable for their walk with Jesus.

4. The “Top down” model of leadership is giving way to a LeaderShift of Ephesians 4:8-16. The “gifts” that Jesus gave His Body as He ascended to the Father were Servant-Leaders and Equippers. They, as Jesus warned, were not called to be like the World’s leaders and “lord it over” their fellow believers faith. But as Paul expressed it, they were to be “Stewards of the mysteries of Christ” and “Ministers (Servants) of a New Covenant”(2 Cor. 3:6).  Today, many leaders have passed “the basin and the towel” ministry (John 13) heading for earthly thrones. Success will not be measured in this hour by the size of a work, but by how well does the Body function…”In love, serving one another”. This will shift the axis of our focal point of Church-Life from “My needs Met” to expressing the heart of the Father, “There was no NEED among them”( Acts 2:42-47;2 Cor. 5:13-19). This is how the world will come to know and believe that God did send His Son into a lost world. “When they see how much you love one another, then they will believe you are My disciples”(Jn.13:35). The “new wine” flows unrestricted where the “Cluster” anointing is found.

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