” Jesus told the servants,’Fill the water jars with water.’ So they filled them up to the very top. Then he told them, ‘Now draw some out and take it to the head steward, and they did”(John 2:7-8 NET).

I wonder what the servants at the wedding in Cana were thinking when Jesus told them to take water from the stone water pots to the head steward? They no doubt were just as surprised at it’s transformation as the head steward.

Faith and obedience must go together if we want to see a manifestation of God’s power. But faith is not always comfortable to the natural senses. It will offend the carnal mind and humble the flesh nature. And yet Jesus knew that faith and obedience is the only currency that the Father can exchange for heaven’s realities. But let’s consider Jesus’ first instruction to them.


Jesus instructed the servants to fill up the six water pots to the brim with water. The fact that John tells us that they were “six stone water pots” is significant. We remember that it was on the sixth day that God created man. And yet we know that six is an incomplete number in the scriptures. God created man to enter into the seventh day of His creation, which was a day of completion and rest. So in essence John points to the fact that even as the “Wine had run out”, so man apart from God is still incomplete and unfulfilled.

These water pots were to be filled to the brim with water to indicate that God’s desire for us is that our lives were intended for fulness. This is what Paul prayed for the Church of Ephesus, “That you would be filled up with all the fulness of God”(Ephesians 3:19). That fulness is the fulness of God’s character and nature which is manifest by love. If it is not the fulness of His love we only know Him in part and can only hope to manifest Him from our limited perspective and not as He is.

These water pots were used for purification. This speaks of that which truly qualifies any servant of the Lord. “Be clean you who bare the vessels of the Lord”. A sanctified vessel is a vessel set apart or fit for the Master’s use.  Many who would be useful to the Lord in His service disqualify themselves because they continue in habits and practices that render them unfit as His witnesses. Again, we must know that our vessels are sanctified by “the washing of the water of the Word”(Ephesians 5:26).


Jesus turned the water into wine by His word to the stewards, “Draw out and take some to the head steward.’’ I believe we miss a great principle in the kingdom when we merely rush to the fact that “the water was turned to wine”. What is the significance of this “first sign”? Recall it was so that “His disciples would believe in Him”.  In other words, this was to strengthen their faith in Him. It was also done to demonstrate how they would to be effective also in their personal calling. These vessels ,once filled with the water, had no capacity in themselves to be anything more than containers with water until Jesus spoke a creative word. Only by His Word spoken did water become wine.  He later reveals the mystery, “The words that I SPEAK, they are spirit and they are LIFE”(John 6:63). True vessels who are able to share both IN His Life and FROM His Life have encountered His voice.  Many who want to be effective servants of His word cannot because they violate this principle in their life.  Is this not what Paul indicates by his own testimony? He had excelled in his religious learning above his fellows. But it was only religious zeal apart from revelation by the Spirit of Jesus. Then he says, “When it pleased the LORD Who separated me from my mother’s womb….To reveal His Son IN me”(Read Galatians 1:13-16). Everything changed in that moment. The water of religion became the wine of Life by the revelation of the living Word of God.  And the rest…is History.  


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