The Appointed Time(Part 3)

“Thou wilt arise and have compassion on Zion, for it is time to be gracious to her. For the appointed time has come. Surely Your servants find pleasure in her stones and feel pity for her dust.” (Psalm 102:13)

What does “the appointed time” in God produce? It produces a special moment in the mind of God to accomplish more in a short period than in other seasons. God has many things He wants to fulfill in the life of His people individually and as His family. Sometimes those things which are a manifestation of His grace at work in us are done in a moment. At other times, things seem to be delayed for a special moment in time. These delays are not denials. For example, as we said in our previous entry, Israel was kept out of the land of promise for forty years because of unbelief. The fathers of ten of the tribes did not take God at His word that the land of Canaan was a land prepared for their inheritance. The result was that they died in the wilderness. Forty years in the bible is often representative of a generation’s passing. But at the moment of a generation’s passing…God, as it were, arises once again to fulfill His design and purpose with a new generation.

God does not forget His promises, but sometimes they are delayed through our disobedience. At other times, God looks for individuals who will obey His purposes, and He quickly sets about preparing them for His fulfillment. The scriptures says, “The eyes of the LORD run to and fro in all the earth looking for those whose hearts are toward Him in order to strengthen them”(2 Chronicles 16:9) In other words, He empowers individuals with His anointing and favor to accomplish things in His “appointed time”, that all may see that this is a work done in God. We see this principle worked out in the life of Nehemiah.

Nehemiah was the most unlikely candidate to rebuild the walls of Zion for God’s appointed season. He was “Cupbearer to the king”(See Nehemiah 1). He was far away from the trouble of his people. They were in real-time trouble due to the fact that the walls and gates of their city lay in ruin. They were exposed to their enemies all around, who had no concern for them nor God’s cause. And yet…. when Nehemiah receives the report of the condition of things, He prays, asking God to change things. This gives us the first clue that God’s appointed time had come. After 70 years of Israel’s captivity in Babylon, and with no concern or activity toward restoration in the land, God finds someone concerned enough to pray. His prayer was not a passing momentary thought. It proved to be a true agony of concern. He prayed and fasted, going without food for days; he read God’s word afresh and reminded God of His promises; he confessed the error of his ways and that of his people. This got God’s attention. Nehemiah got an answer to his prayers. God said, in essence, “Nehemiah, Welcome to the next level!” To Nehemiah’s amazement, he had become the answer to his prayer. God will choose those whom He’ll use. But one thing is for sure, when He chooses, it will be a person(s) of prayer. What happens next?

God raises up and releases Nehemiah from his cupbearer duties before the king, to go and become governor over his people. In the cupbearer was a governmental anointing to rebuild the wall of His city. The compassion that rose within Nehemiah as he waited on God activated and released him to be God’s history-maker. He was sent with the favor and assignment from God to rally and inspire his people to rebuild the walls and repair the gates; it was done in record time. What had not been done in 70 years was accomplished in less than 60 days! (Read the Book of Nehemiah). How did it happen? God’s favor…a set time had come. I believe we are, once again, at a special moment in history. God is looking for the Nehemiah of today who will see, in the midst of great challenges, the possibilities for a God-invasion in the land. They will arise and watch God work through them to have mercy on Zion. The set time to favor her has come.

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